• Q: [Godex 프린터] Godex 프린터 드라이버 설정 玄雨 2017.08.12



    #고덱스 프린터 로 가셔서 인쇄기본설정을 이렇게 잡아주시면 됩니다. 



    Glabel 환경설정에 들어가셔서 



    에 체크해주세요 


    G L A B EL

  • Q: [Godex 프린터] Godex Printer Label size Calibration 玄雨 2017.08.12

    3-3. Label size calibration The printer can automatically detect and store label height.

    That means the host computer does not need to transmit the label height to the printer.


    1. Check that the label sensor is positioned correctly.

    2. Check that the label stock is loaded correctly.

    3. Switch off the printer.


    4. Switch on the printer, keeping the FEED button pressed. When the LED starts to flash red, release the FEED button. The printer will now measure the label stock and store the label height.


    5. Once the printer has successfully measured the label stock, it will print a self-test label.

    G L A B EL

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